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Personal Accident Insurance

What would you do if you had an accident and couldn't work? How would you pay the grocery bills, the rent, mortgage and utility bills?

novastris provides the personal accident cover that ensures life's unforeseen problems don't disrupt your families financial priorities .

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  • Cash lump sum pay outs that are tax free
  • Cover starts from £10,000
  • Low monthly payments
  • No medical needed - guaranteed acceptance subject to age and occupation
  • Covers you in the UK and Worldwide

What is Personal Accident Insurance?

Accident - Hospital Arrival

Everyone who works for a living can benefit from the protection that personal accident cover offers, but all too often people do not like to think of what would happen if they had an accident.

Here at novastris we are specialists in personal accident insurance.

novastris also offers a range of further options that can help with the costs of the consequences of an accident, be they practical or psychological.

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Real Life Events

Football and Sports Accidents

novastris provides personal accident cover for real life events. Providing cover for you and your family whilst in the home, at work, travelling or whilst taking part in sporting activities.

We can show you several real life examples of where people who suffered from unforeseen accidents could benefit from the cover we provide.

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Frequently asked questions

Cycling and Outdoor Sports Cover
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